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Choosing a School

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Choosing the right middle or high school for a child is a significant decision that can greatly influence their academic, social, and personal development. Parents play a crucial role in this process, and it's essential for them to consider various factors to ensure the best fit for their students. There are a few things that parents should keep in mind when choosing the right middle or high school.


One of the primary factors parents should consider is the academic programs and curriculum offered by the school. Different schools may have varying educational philosophies, teaching methods, and extracurricular activities. Parents should assess whether the school aligns with their child's learning style, interests, and future goals. Additionally, considering the availability of programs and services that meet the diverse needs of students.


Ensuring the safety and security of students is paramount. Parents should investigate the school's safety measures, emergency protocols, and overall security infrastructure. This includes evaluating the school's commitment to preventing bullying, providing mental health support, and maintaining a secure campus. A school that prioritizes the well-being of its students contributes to a sense of security and allows them to focus on their education.


Effective communication and parental involvement contribute to a successful educational journey. Parents should explore the school's approach to keeping them informed about their child's progress, upcoming events, and any concerns that may arise. Opportunities for parent-teacher conferences, involvement in school activities, and participation in decision-making processes enhance the overall educational experience. A collaborative relationship between parents and the school creates a supportive network for the student's development.

I believe the last two area are the most important to make sure the school is the right fit for your student.


The quality of teachers and the student-teacher ratio are crucial factors influencing the learning experience. Parents should inquire about the qualifications, experience, and ongoing professional development of the teaching staff. A lower student-teacher ratio often allows for more personalized attention and better student engagement. Understanding the level of teacher involvement in student activities, as well as their ability to adapt to different learning styles, is vital for academic success.


The school's culture and environment significantly impact a student's overall experience. Parents should research and visit schools to get a sense of the atmosphere, values, and community engagement. Observing how teachers, staff, and students interact can provide valuable insights into the school's ethos. Considerations should include the school's approach to discipline, inclusivity, diversity, and the availability of extracurricular activities. A positive and supportive school environment fosters a conducive learning atmosphere.

Choosing the right middle or high school is a decision that requires careful consideration by parents and students. The number one thing you can do is visit the schools you are considering. Nothing can give you a better indication of fit than walking onto a campus and talking one on one with the administrator.

Obviously, we think AeroSTEM is a great place for students, but we do know it is not the right fit for every student. If you want to come visit us, please reach out to the office and schedule a time.

Jan 11, 2024