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Assessments and Standards

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Parent Resources area of our site. From here you may access the California State Standards, testing information and links to Internet resources that you might find helpful.

California, in conjunction with 43 other states, has adopted a set of educational standards to set the foundation for even greater student growth and success. These standards were designed with great care to ensure that they were clear, consistent, rigorous, and relevant. All are undeniably important when it comes to preparing students to meet the demands of college and the workplace. Because of the "custom fit" we afford each student, we believe that AeroSTEM is a prime setting in which to implement these standards. Students can enrich their learning by going deeper, experiencing more, and working together.


Your AeroSTEM Academy family


California State Standardized Practice and Training Tests

California State Standardized Practice Test Scoring Guides

California State Standards

We have embedded links whereby you can view the standards at your student's grade level. Hopefully, this will assist you in tracking your student's progress through the standards, communicating with your teacher about assignments, and catching a vision for a career pathway.

Also on this page, you’ll find the link to the Smarter Balanced Practice Tests and a separate link to the tests' answer keys. These practice tools will help your student become familiar with and prepare for upcoming statewide assessments.

Common Core Math − A Grade-by-Grade View for Parents

2018/2019 Testing Information

Coming soon.

Internet Resources

California Learning Resource Network

“Your source for California standards-aligned electronic learning resource information and lessons.”

The CLRN Web Information Links (WIL) database is a collection of free primary source, secondary source, and reference web sites that are accessible though a standards based browse function or a search function.