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About Us

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Our Program

AeroSTEM Academy has its roots in one of the most viable California charter schools:

CORE Charter School. In operation since 1998 and fully WASC accredited, this charter school has an excellent reputation and successful track record in personalized learning. At CORE, students’ individual learning styles, interests, skills, and family life are priorities.

In 2011 CORE Charter School offered Intro to Aerospace as a single high school course to encourage student interest. Students began learning about aviation history, science, growing technology and the aviation industry. Within two years, due to its popularity, an advanced course was added: Guided Flight Discovery, in which students prepared to pass the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Exam. Many related field trips and guest speakers were added as opportunities to provide real world “snapshots” of the aviation community.

In 2013 AeroSTEM Academy had grown to fully occupy its own resource center. The program added a Model Aeronautics course as well as general academic classes. Through grant funds in partnership with Sutter County Office of Education, the program developed. Students had access to essential technology including a certified flight simulator, unmanned aerial vehicle (“UAV”) kits, and 3D printers. The program served 7th and 8th grade students on the brink of their high school experience and high school students seeking to complete CTE pathways for industry certification.

In 2018, AeroSTEM Academy was approved for a 3 year contract by Sutter County Office of Education to branch off and open its own Charter School. Grades 6-9 were initiated, with each year adding a grade up to 12th grade.

In 2021, AeroSTEM was awarded a Charter Renewal for 5 more years where grades 5 and 12 were added. Ultimately, AeroSTEM Academy will be a Middle and High School, Grades 5-12.

Since then, students have built and programmed team drones for competition, have been featured on Good Day Sacramento and local radio shows, have hosted their own Aerospace Day community event, and have met prominent government officials to discuss STEM education and UAV regulatory policies.

Today, the AeroSTEM Academy program pursues its objective: to introduce students to the critical need for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) knowledge by integrating STEM skills into all subject areas. As a result, our students attach valuable, personal meaning to their learning in the growing technological economy of the 21st century.


AeroSTEM Academy prepares students of today for the growing college and career opportunities of tomorrow. By exploring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (“STEM”) through the lens of aerospace, students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to a dynamic, technology-intensive economy. AeroSTEM Academy creates a culture of character and collaboration in close partnership with college and professional communities. The educational program encourages imagination, incorporates experiential learning, and provides opportunities to engineer solutions.

Dream. Discover. Design.


Graduates from AeroSTEM Academy will have mastered a growth mindset, determined a college and/or career field, acquired an accompanying real-world STEM skill set, and will be prepared to successfully enter the next phase of their post-secondary education and/or career pathway.

Our Program

AeroSTEM Academy provides an educational model for junior high and high school students who value learning and want to prepare for their future career now. By setting goals and committing to academic rigor, students will create career opportunities for themselves.

AeroSTEM Academy offers on campus instruction Monday through Friday.

Core subject content meets California Standards and is addressed and practiced through the lens of the aviation industry, which includes fields such as engineering, mechanics, computer science, mathematics, as well as aviation piloting.

Students who attend AeroSTEM Academy will become effective readers, communicators, critical thinkers, and collaborators. In addition they will develop a respectful attitude toward learning including a Growth Mindset—embracing challenges and overcoming obstacles.

Our educational philosophy will well serve those who seek a different educational option and want to be prepared for next steps in their education. It includes a strong emphasis on parental involvement, student interaction, student interest, technology acquisition, computer-based learning, laboratory work, and real-world learning environments.

More about Our Program

Features include:

  • State standards-based core course of study through direct instruction by credentialed teachers who monitor student outcomes and mentor parents as they instruct their children
  • Project-based aerospace and STEM class/labs facilitated by credentialed teachers
  • Discover Class designed to give students career exposure and to guide short and long-term goals with regular review and revision
  • Extra-curricular events such as Dinner with an Aviator, Aerospace Day, C-STEM Day, LSA Teen Airplane Build, Field trips, and the Lincoln AirFest
  • Science labs, group projects, tutoring, clubs, library resources, tutorials, and teacher guidance
  • Personal computers (and training) for computer-based learning
  • Support through a variety of web-based instruction applications and technological devices