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Meal Manage

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This year AeroSTEM will be using a service called Meal Manage for you to order your students meals. You can use the app or go to their website to do this. 

California still provides meals for all students via the Universal Meal Program for free, but we need a free and reduced lunch application from every student to help offset the cost of this program. You can do this right inside the Meal Manage app. 

Also, this year in order to provide a high quality program there will be order deadlines for ordering. We know this is a different process and requires planning on your and your students' part, but it is the only way we can guarantee meals are available for those who want them.

Whether you are ordering breakfast, lunch or the snack (for those students who are attending the ELOP program) orders must be completed by Thursday at 1pm for the following Monday through Friday meals/snacks. 

Once again, all orders for the following Monday through Friday week needs to be completed by Thursday at 1pm the prior week. The app and the website will not allow orders after Thursday. We will only have food for those that ordered it, and it will be the food that was ordered.

We know this is a new process and that there will be times where there are issues, please reach out to us for support.

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