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What are some important things to know about AeroSTEM Academy?
  • AeroSTEM Academy is your school! We are here for you! Make friends, discover cool stuff, get help, and feel at home!
  • We get middle and high school students ready for their dream career. High school courses are   a-g approved. Career Technical Education (CTE) Pathways offer real world learning. From the beginning students will design a plan for their future.
  • Clubs! Students can join and/or create an after school club.


Please update any information as soon as it changes at the front desk. (i.e. Email addresses, phone numbers, emergency contacts, names of folks who transport your children to and from the School, etc.)

Field Trips and Special Events: We created a procedure that will make the planning a little smoother. Students will receive a Parent Permission Slip two weeks prior to the field trip/event. Students have one whole week to turn in their slips to the front desk. If turned in past the 1-week mark, it will not be accepted unless a parent submits it and space is still available. Waiting until the last minute may mean your student does not get a spot for that trip.

Parent drivers and volunteers are a huge help for these field trips/events. If you are willing to help, please sign up with the front desk as soon you can. There will be a driver form to be completed and approved.

Library Procedures: We have a library of books at AeroSTEM Academy. It is small at the moment, but continues to grow. Please feel free to ask our front desk gals for assistance whenever you need it! Parents and students can check out library books. Students will receive a notification of responsibility for lost and/or damaged parts upon checkout.

School Hours: Our front office is open Monday - Friday from 7:30am – 4:30pm. 

Teacher Availability: If homework help, guidance, or support is needed, please reach out to your teachers. Email is the best way to reach them.

Basic Student Supplies: If a need arises, you may contact your staff for basic school supplies. Students are expected to bring expected school supplies with them to every class.

Student Laptops: Student computers are checked out for student use only. (All student computers are intended for school-related uses only. Please consult the Technology and Internet Use agreement in the Parent/Student Handbook found under “Family Resources” of the AeroSTEM website.) Student computers require a signed contract between the school and the parent.

The following guidelines and others are found in their entirety in the Parent/Student Handbook. 

Code of Honor: While a member of the AeroSTEM Academy community, each student is expected to conduct himself/herself with integrity and to uphold the Honor Code. The following are some examples of violating this code: cheating, plagiarism, lying to a teacher or administrator, destruction or theft of personal or school property.

Dress Code: Students are expected to dress modestly and appropriately for learning at the School and at all school-related events. The following are expected: 

  • Spaghetti straps or midriffs or backless must be covered.
  • Skirts, dresses or shorts must fall below the fingertips as the arm hangs naturally.
  • Clothing must cover underwear
  • Gang related clothing is not permitted.
  • Clothing that is suggestive, indecent and generally inappropriate is not permitted.

Bullying Code: Students have the right to a safe and healthy school environment. The following is expected:

  • A student shall not intimidate, harass, or bully another student through words or actions. Such behavior includes: direct physical contact such as hitting or shoving; verbal assaults such as teasing or name-calling; and social isolation or manipulation.
  • A student shall not bully another student through the use of technology or electronic communication on or off campus. Such behavior includes: Sending, leaving or posting messages that are mean, inaccurate, threatening, or violent.